Shelf Life: The Complete Series out this spring!

When I released Shelf Life, Book 1 all the way back in June of 2015, I intended to release it serially in three parts over the rest of 2015. Well, real life got in the way big time after that, and Jacob’s story remained unfinished.

When I was finally able to get started writing again, I thought seriously about focusing on stories set in my own universe. But Jacob kept popping up in strange places, asking me to finish Shelf Life. Eventually he got a little demanding.  My fear was that, if he got angry enough, he’d tell Katie. Now, you haven’t met Katie Miller yet, but trust me when I tell you that you don’t want her mad at you.

So, I dove back in to the world of New Detroit, the Great Shelf, New Pennsylvania and the Amish Zone. Jacob’s story is going some very interesting places, and he’s meeting some interesting people. I think you’ll see more overlap with the main Pennsylvania story line, as well as some of the other works written in that world, but I’ll continue to try to make it accessible for those who haven’t read the other books.

Rather than releasing parts serially, I’m going to release it all in one lump as Shelf Life: The Complete Series sometime this spring. And to make up for the long wait, I’ll be giving folks plenty of opportunities to get the book for free when it’s available.

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