Shelf Life Is Here!

After a long wait and a lot of work, Shelf Life is here! And it’s only 99 cents for the first week!

I’m very pleased with how the story of young Jacob Alders turned out, and early reviews have been great. I can’t be more grateful to the people who spent some of their limited time to read this story, and share their thoughts about it.

But now it’s launch day, and there are some things you can do to help support this launch. There are two things that can really help a book’s success in the Amazon universe. The first is reviews. If you have read an ARC of Shelf Life, now’s the chance to get that review posted to Amazon. And if you can add Shelf Life to your library on Goodreads and copy your review there, that’s even better.

The second key to success is how your book appears in the Amazon “Customers who bought this also bought…” section. So this is what I’m asking everyone to do. If you purchase Shelf Life, please also purchase Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania Book One. It’s free, and a great introduction into the world of Pennsylvania.

If I can get enough people to purchase both, then Shelf Life will show up as an “also bought” for Pennsylvania. And that would be huge!

You can get the books at the links below. Thank you for your help, and thank you for reading Shelf Life.

Shelf Life

Pennsylvania Book One

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Shelf Life Joint Marketing

Get Them Both!

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