Great feedback on Shelf Life

When you get feedback like this, from the man who created the universe in which you’re playing, you gotta share it. If all the stars align, Shelf Life should be out late April


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One Response to Great feedback on Shelf Life

  1. Last night (6/8) I received an ARC for “Shelf Life”, a tale of a young man and his mother set in the Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania World and the ongoing conflict between Transport and Trace. The young man’s beliefs about his father and what he knows about the conflict is going to be shaken to the core of his being. His mother suffers from a combination of diseases not too far different from what we see around us every day, except there is no treatment that he can afford. Driven by harsh realities, he struggles to understand fact from fiction.

    This is a fast paced story and I give it a 5 Big Star rating. When I reached the end, my initial reaction was “bring on the next one”. I am looking forward to the next installment.

    Once again, being an ARC reader had given me the opportunity to get to know and read work by a new and promising author.

    I look forward to being able to add this review to his entries on Amazon and Goodreads when they become available.

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