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Last Monday night was an unprecedented event for indie publishing, and for me as well. And frankly, I’m still trying to recover.

On the 23rd of February, Wonderment Media launched five “Apocalypse Weird” books, from five authors, on the same day to kick off the first community-driven shared universe. Think of it as a Marvel comics shared universe, in novel form.

Those 5 books will be followed by a new book every two weeks, laying out the Apocalypse Weird universe. Some novels cross over, some don’t and easter eggs abound through all the novels, giving you pieces of a much bigger puzzle. Each novel, or series of novels documents the apocalypse in a different location. Where does the weird come in? Every apocalypse is different and can include things like zombies, killer robots, voodoo, hurricanes diverted by magic, magnetic field reversals, bizarre viruses, and diet pills gone horribly wrong.

I’ve read three of the 6 launch novels (a free intro novel, The Red King, was released previously) and they’re universally excellent, each receiving a well-earned five star review.

So that’s the unprecedented event for indie publishing. Where do I fit in?

Well, as part of the launch event, Wonderment Media sponsored a pitch contest. About thirty of us supplied pitches for a potential contribution to the AW universe. The pitches were fantastic, but out of that, somehow mine was chosen. I demanded a recount, but my wishes fell on deaf ears. So soon I’ll be starting work on my Untitled Apocalypse Weird Project, bringing the end of the world to the Motor City.

Check out Apocalypse Weird at Amazon or wherever you buy your ebooks. Paperbacks are also available for everything but The Red King.

While you’re here, would you take a minute to…

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