Tails of the Apocalypse


My friend, Chris Pourteau, has put together this fantastic anthology of short stories centered on pets and other animals in apocalyptic scenarios. Inspired by his amazing story, Unconditional, centered around the family dog during the zombie apocalypse, this collection has … Continue reading

Shelf Life Is Here!

Shelf Life Joint Marketing

After a long wait and a lot of work, Shelf Life is here! And it’s only 99 cents for the first week! I’m very pleased with how the story of young Jacob Alders turned out, and early reviews have been … Continue reading

Great feedback on Shelf Life

When you get feedback like this, from the man who created the universe in which you’re playing, you gotta share it. If all the stars align, Shelf Life should be out late April

Life Got Wyrd


Last Monday night was an unprecedented event for indie publishing, and for me as well. And frankly, I’m still trying to recover. On the 23rd of February, Wonderment Media launched five “Apocalypse Weird” books, from five authors, on the same … Continue reading